VFAC Running Room Summerfast 10K

Stanley Park


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VFAC Running Room Summerfast 10K

July 21, 2018: The VFAC Running Room Summerfast 10K took place on a serene Saturday morning, in Stanley Park. Race teams and competitors raised money for the McCreary Centre Society, a not-for-profit committed to improving the health of B.C. youth through research, evaluation, and community-based projects. The race took place on possibly the most iconic course in Vancouver: the entirety of the Stanley Park seawall. 

summerfast run

Difficulty: 4/5

While the course was undeniably beautiful, running on the exposed Seawall at such an early time of day did have its drawbacks. A harsh, cool wind whipping off of English Bay and the Burrard Inlet was an obstacle for all runners to overcome. This was especially the case in the stretches between Third Beach and the Lion’s Gate Bridge, which were unfortunately in the second half of the course. 

summerfast run

Scenery: 5/5

Saying that the Stanley Park Seawall is a beautiful place for an early morning run is a less than original thought. Regardless, if you didn’t have the chance to participate in this or any other of the organized Stanley Park runs this summer, take the time to remember why this course is a world-renowned tourist destination. 

summerfast run

Atmosphere: 3/5

While the weather was beautiful, and the environment peaceful, the 8 AM start time did detract a little from the energy at the start of the race. Thankfully, the views made it easy to stay enthused about the race, and overall this provided a great ignition point for an excellent weekend.

 Organization: 4/5

Since the course was so clearly outlined as a Vancouver cultural landmark, it was incredibly easy to follow, and let me focus on the running. There were also plenty of great pre- and post-race festivities and giveaways from sponsors like the Running Room, the Donnelly Group, and Clif Bar.

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