Running in the Cold

First Half Marathon


One trick to running in the winter is layering. The key for this is to start off warm. Then, throughout your run, you can easily keep running by removing layers as you go. If you are keen, you can also do a loop run and drop off each layer of clothing in a safe spot like a a car.

Here are some essentials for the winter:

  • Running tights
  • Running jacket (to combat wind or rain)
  • Long-sleeve tech shirts
  • Running gloves
  • Headband, hat, and proper socks


Visit local stores like Sport Chek for deals on gear! Or if you are looking for a running group/partner, visit The Running Room for expert advice.

Last but not least, be sure and pay attention to local weather information. Cold temperatures and dry air can aggravate some health conditions, so use your best judgment as to whether you should run outside or hit the treadmill instead.

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