BlueShore Financial Mother’s Day Run 2018

mothers day run vancouver

Stanley Park

3k, 5k, 10k

Easy, fun, casual, scenic, family, uplifting

BlueShore Financial Mother’s Day Run 2018

May 13, 2018 – The BlueShore Financial Mother’s Day Run took place on a spectacular May morning, in Stanley Park. A strong turnout of families and individuals congregated to celebrate all of the mothers in our lives, and the sacrifices they make. Beginning at Ceperley Park, on the Seawall at Second Beach, the 5K course led in towards English Bay, before taking a U-Turn back along Beach Avenue, around the Lost Lagoon, and finally along the water in Coal Harbour, with the finish line at the Westin Bayshore.  

blueshore financial mothersday run 2018

Difficulty: 2/5

 The course was very pleasant overall, with little to no incline throughout. While the course had a slightly complicated path, directional signs were prominent and plentiful, so there was no confusion about where to go. One minor obstacle on the initial stretch running towards English Bay was a decent crosswind coming off of the water. This made the race’s beginning slightly more difficult than expected, but as the course wound back around the Lost Lagoon and Coal Harbour, it was easy to get into a good rhythm, With the air completely calm and the gravel crunching along the Lagoon path, getting wrapped up in the serenity got me prepared for a final push towards the finish.

blueshore financial mothersday run 2018 

Scenery: 5/5

The beautiful setting for this event would have made it understandable if you had wanted to just stop and stare for a moment. What stood out most was the flowing variation between stages of the run. A completely clear blue sky set the stage, with an already hot sun evaporating dew from the Ceperley Park lawn. Down along the shoreline to English Bay, fresh ocean air enveloped everything. This shifted to the awakening West End along Beach Avenue, and then through to the peace of the Lost Lagoon. Rounding out of Stanley Park, the energy of the morning Seawall activity in Coal Harbour provided a boost to go all-out for the last kilometre, welcomed by a crowd of onlookers.

blueshore financial mothersday run 2018

Atmosphere: 4/5

 Since this run was family-centric, the feelings in the crowd were positive and uplifting. There was little focus on competition, with most of the energy pouring out in the form of support and playful encouragement. Before any of the runners began, a group warm-up set the tone for an empowering and enjoyable start, with everyone properly prepared and enthusiastic, without the slightest air of intimidation.


Organization: 4/5

Since the 5K course took the indirect/scenic route, a strong coordination effort was needed to prevent confusion. The course was well planned and intuitively laid out, with plenty of volunteers to guide and direct. This was especially important as much of the run took place on highly frequented public walkways. A combination of the weather and time of day meant these walkways were quite busy, but allocated space for runners ensured that everyone was safe and comfortable throughout. Staggered start times also reduced the chaos finding the various starting lines, removing any remaining bits of pre-race anxiety.