Eastside 10k

Eastside 10K

The Eastside 10k is a fun, high calibre race set in the historic streets of Chinatown, East Vancouver and Gastown. This amazing race supports the community and charities in the Downtown Eastside Vancouver. See more here.

Entrants in the 10k should be able to maintain a 12 minute per kilometre (19m12s per mile) pace for the duration of the distance. If you decide to continue the event past the time limit, you do so as an informed pedestrian, following all rules of the road and not as a part of the event. No road closure will be in place, nor may any aid still be available after the time deadline has passed. Aid stations along the route will close according to this pace and their location on the course (i.e. Aid at 5km point will close 1 hour from the start of the race). The finish line of the event will officially remain open for 2 hours.


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